3 Most Important Features of Ionized Alkaline Water


1. The Magic of One Extra Electron: The Most Powerful Antioxidant


Did you know that a harmful free radical in your body has one missing electron?  These free radicals continuously scavenge healthy electrons from your body.  But Ionized Alkaline Water, a powerful plain water antioxidant has abundance of extra electrons to give free radicals thereby neutralizing their destructive effects. Antioxidant properties of liquid foods are measured by an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter. (+) oxidant, (-) antioxidant.  i.e Soda (+)500Mv, bottled water (+)200Mv, tap water (+)200Mv, Acai berry juice (-)75Mv, freshly squeezed vegetable juice or fruit juice (-)200Mv, Ionized Alkaline Water (-)350Mv.


2. Immune System Booster:

Highly Acidic Foods and Drinks

Drinking Alkaline Water strengthens our body’s immune system while flushing out acidic wastes, the primary cause of degenerative disease. The alkaline quality of Ionized Water balances your body’s pH levels.  A regular everyday diet is too acidic— meats, processed foods, fats, soft drinks, coffee, liquor, and even some brands of bottled water.  This acidic waste buildup in the digestive system and in other parts of the body (uric acid, cholesterol, stones) creates a home ground for disease.  i.e.Cancer patients’ bodies are very acidic..


3. Detoxify and Hydrate:

Because water molecules in ionized water are broken down into smaller molecular clusters, body cells absorb water 2x faster than tap or bottled water and are quickly and adequately hydrated.

Ionized Water has a unique molecular structure.  Through electrolysis, molecules are reduced from the regular 12 to 24 molecules per cluster (as found in tap or bottled water) down to 4 to 6 molecules per cluster!  Its shape is transformed from irregular to hexagonal. This “micron” or “light" water enters a body cell opening more easily— hydrating you 2X faster than regular tap water or bottled water!