Our business built it's foundation upon a health cause…

 Home Water Filtration:

The President/CEO of Aqua Vitæ arrived home from a family vacation to their New Jersey home to witness a flooded basement approximately five inches deep in water. He shut off the water from the mainline and called an emergency plumber. He discovered that the pipe on the first floor beneath his bathroom faucet was the primary cause. This pipe was found heavily corroded and delicately thin where the pipe had burst. 

The plumber had mentioned chemicals in municipal tap water gradually corrode metal pipes over time. He also stated that repairs regarding such damages were rather common. Further research of the subject explained that chlorine particularly, causes such corrosion.  "If our municipal tap water had the ability to perish metal, it must propose health risks to the human body." —The honest idea that began our business in 2004.

Since Aqua Vitæ was born out of a personal experience, we personally take pride in addressing your water filtration needs. Our mission is to restore the water you continually use to its chemical-free, pure and pristine natural state. We provide custom service and care to families and businesses providing carefully designed, technologically superior yet eco-friendly water filtration systems/products.

We highly appreciate your interest in our local services (exclusive to RDU North Carolina residents only). For a free water test or inquiries regarding our products, installations, and/or consultations please visit our Contact_Us page. We are looking forward to hearing from you!"