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AVUV 600



WATER FILTRATION IS NOT A LUXURY, IT IS A NECESSITY! Whether it is Municipal Water or Well Water you have in your home, either one will have some contamination: Municipal Water will always contain harmful chlorine, treatment chemicals, lead, rust, sediment and bird droppings. All reservoirs periodically report varying degrees of contamination; from coliform, cryptosporidium parasites, viruses or cysts, even e-coli. Raw well water contains germs, dirt, molds, acidity, nitrates, bad taste, TCE, odors, hardness, staining effects, other organic or inorganic chemicals and contaminants. Water from both sources may possibly cause long term health problems, dry skin or itch, detergent gobbling, staining and poor tasting food, among others. Your hair is not only brittle caused by water treatment chemicals, chlorine will make you lose plenty of it. Contaminated water damages boilers, washing machines, metal water fixtures. It will corrode copper pipes, cause scum and scaling.


Writer's Guild of America: President’s Anti-Cancer Panel recommends Home Filtered Water

The New York Times: Millions in US Drink Dirty Water, Records Show — Environmental Issues: Tap water in 42 States contaminated by chemicals

Healthy Living News & Tips: The Tragic Troubles with Chlorine & Pregnancy

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(Components Function & Specification Sheet below)


The UV ULTIMA is designed for Well Water users. Components are: a Chemical Free Iron Filter, Water Softener, Carbon Filter (for odor removal and sweeter taste), a 1-micron fine sediment filter and an Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer. A prefilter (not in photo) is installed before passing through the Chemical Free Water Filter.

Well Water Filtration System:


Salt/Chem-Free Well Water Whole House Water Filtration System and Softener


For UV600 & UV600SS:

1st Stage
2nd Stage
3rd Stage
4th Stage
5th Stage
6th Stage
Sediment Filter
Primary Carbon Block Filter
Heavy Duty Carbon Block Filter
Special Activated Carbon Filter
Water Refining 1-micron Filter

Collects Undissolved Solids,

Dirt, Sand, Rust,

Silt, Bird Droppings, Moss, Algae

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Removes Chloride, Sulfates, Cations, Anions,

Bad Taste & Odor

Removes Chlorine

Chlorination (DBPs): Trihalometha -nes (THM)

Trichloroethyl -lene (TCE),

Organic & Inorganic Compounds,

Bad Taste & Odor

Heavy Metals,

Arsenic Removal

Lead Filtration,



1-micron Fine
Sediment Filtration


The Ultraviolet
disinfection chamber kills disease-causing
bacteria*, viruses* or cysts* with 99.9% effectiveness. —Exposing contaminated
water to high intensity UV light. Disease causing micro- organisms are rendered
harmless by ultimately altering the DNA in the cells and stopping reproduction.

*NSF – National Science Foundation

*VOC –Volatile Organic Compound (A wide range of carbon-based molecules, such as trihalomethanes, aldehydes, ketones, and other hydrocarbons, methane, acetone, mineral spirits, turpentine, naphtha, toluene, xylene, dry cleaning solvents, isopropene, terpenes, other petroleum by-products)

*TOC – Total Organic Carbon (TOC in source waters comes from decaying natural organic matter (NOM) and from synthetic sources. i.e., humic acid, fuvic acid, amines, and urea are types of NOM. Detergents, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, industrial chemicals, and chlorinated organics)

*Bacteria, *Virus or *Cysts (i.e., E-coli, bird-flu virus, salmonella, legionella pneumophilia, mycobacterium tuberculosis, poliovirus, rotavirus, hepatitis, cholera, streptococcus, etc.) 


Aqua Vitae Whole House Water Filtration System combines high-quality multi-stage filtration, a saltless magnetic water softener/conditioner and ultraviolet water disinfection technology for residential application to produce clean, healthy and contamination-free water. Custom installed, it’s the most powerful yet economical water purification system in the market today. The Aqua Vitae system is a smaller version of what water bottling companies use with the most important feature which is an ultraviolet disinfection chamber. This will kill all disease-causing pathogens including bacterial, parasitic, viral or cyst contamination and producing very clean and pristine water with an output capacity of up to10 gallons per minute (GPM); it’s 100% healthy for the whole family. Backed by years of knowledge and experience, and supported by top-notch technical management and staff, Aqua Vitae Corporation aims to provide the most advanced water filtration system scientifically proven to deliver water in its cleanest form for health conscious consumers. No need for bottled water that produces carcinogenic chemicals from plastic. You will taste, feel and enjoy water in its purest natural state, free from impurities and harmful chemicals flowing in every faucet of your home.