Protect your household from tap water contamination and harmful chemicals: Lead, toxic chlorine, pesticides, rust, fluoride, chemical wastes, sediments, bacteria, viruses or cysts. For well water users, remove hardness, acidity, dirt, odor, nitrates and raw ground water infestation.

No more soap scum. Inhibit water scaling and hard water stains. Enjoy fresher smelling laundry (whiter whites, brighter colors, reduced fading on darks). Increase appliance efficiency, use less detergent , fabric softener and dishwashing liquid. Prevent faster deterioration of hot water tanks and boilers. Stop corrosion of copper pipes and metal fixtures.

No more chlorine rash. Stop skin from itching and chapping. Lessen wrinkle formation and save on moisturizers. Have silkier, more radiant hair. Be less prone to dandruff and hair loss. Improve your health and hygiene with filtered purified water at every faucet. Have healthier, better tasting food, coffee, tea and drink mixes. Meats, vegetables and fruits are washed with contaminant-free water

You don’t have to buy regular bottled water ever again.

"$1 a day" for 6 years ensures a full payment excluding annual filter changes.




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